Renee Krivanek, Owner    - Native of – Indianapolis, Indiana

Photo By: Cassie Connelly Photography
  • Industry Knowledge - 15 years experience in Graphics, Printing (Digital, Litho, and Screen), and Retail Merchandising.  Major corporate/brand support responsibilities for Target Corporation, Kellogg Company, Simmons Bedding, National Vision.
  • Education - Bachelor Fine Arts, Ball State University
  • Customer Service Driven- Retail has taught me the value and importance of satisfying the customer and has been a strong motivator to starting my own business.  We not only work hard on the technical challenges to meet your needs, we work hard on the personal challenges (your schedule, surprising your love ones, being on time for appointments, and returning communications promptly) all to exceed your expectations!
  • Personal – Mother of Jacob and Step-Mother of Josh, Beth Ann, Justin, and Ryan
  • Passionate About - I am passionate about my family!!!!
  • Hobbies Include – Baking and exercising.
  • I Cheer For – The Colts, of course! And the Cubbies!