That’s Me!™ Installation Instructions

That’s Me! Is Shipped In One Piece, And Requires Just Two Hands

Although your custom That’s Me! is big, our custom manufacturing process allows for receiving, and installing your That’s Me! Wall Graphic in one piece, making everyone’s life much easier!

Location, Location, Location

Your custom That’s Me! Wall Graphic is designed and manufactured to be seen! So pick a location with enough space, not blocked by furniture, doors, electrical receptacles, light switches and other nuisances that will interfere with That’s Me! enjoyment. Remember, this is the start of your total room design by Flying Box Design, so plan accordingly!

That’s Me! Wall Graphic will not adhere well long term to some non-smooth walls. Interior, painted drywall surface work best!  Please be sure to inform your Flying Box Design Sales and Decorating Professional if your mounting surface is something different than smooth, painted drywall surface so that we can provide the proper material.

Clean the Wall
It is vital that you clean the wall thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before the application of your

That’s Me! Wall Graphic. Use a warm damp cloth. Please do NOT use any cleaning chemicals or soap as this can affect the integrity of the adhesive used on your That’s Me! Wall Graphic.
Peel, Stick It Up, and Smooth It Out

Unroll your That’s Me! and allow some time for it to flatten out prior to applying it to the wall. If your That’s Me! Wall Graphic. Start at the top edge and slowly and evenly peel down toward the bottom edge until the That’s Me! Wall Graphic is completely removed from the backing paper. Place one end or corner of the That’s Me! Wall Graphic on the wall and slowly smooth the rest of the  That’s Me! into place using the squeegee provided by Flying Box Design.  If repositioning of your That’s Me! Wall Graphic is needed at any time, gently pull the That’s Me! Wall Graphic from the wall and reposition it until you get it right. Next, working from the center to the outside of the That’s Me! Wall Graphic , smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles using the provided squeegee. If any residue is left by the squeegee, gently buff the That’s Me! Wall Graphic with a clean dry cloth to remove it.  That’s Me! Wall Graphics are designed for indoor use only. Your That’s Me! should not be installed on a newly painted wall surface — most painted surfaces need a minimum of 30 days to completely cure.

If you prefer, we can install for you, just call: 770-426-1303, or email us at: