Custom Wall Graphics

Q  Who measures the room, or rooms that I want to decorate with FBD Wall

An FBD sales and decorating professional within in your area will work with you and either come to your house and measure (template) your room(s), or you can provide us the room dimensions via email or phone.  Either way, we will make sure that your FBD Wall Graphics are the custom solution for your rooms!

How do I design and plan for things I can’t move?
Your FBD took care of you, and that concern during the templating process earlier. They captured all the sizes, locations, colors and concerns to insure the total success of your room design – not just this time – but every time guaranteed!

Does FBD take into account room furniture when you layout room graphics?
When you receive your layouts back from your FBD sales and decorating professional, they will clearly illustrate the location of your room furniture in relation to your FBD Wall Graphics.

What do I do with my FBD Wall Graphics if I add new furniture, or re-arrange my existing furniture in FBD decorated room?
No problem! You simply lift them from their current location, and relocate them to a new location in your newly arranged room – no marks on your walls, and in minutes you have an entirely new room!

What do I do with my FBD Wall Graphics if I move to new home?
You simply remove the graphics from the wall, place them back on the backing sheet that was left at the time of installation, and take them with you to your new home for re-installation.  Flying Box Design is with you every step of the way and can perform this service for you if you choose, including the installation at your new home!
It’s time to update my FBD Wall Graphics – what’s the process?
This is where the value of FBD Wall Graphics really shines! No more weekend projects of wall patching, masking, and painting.  You simply send us your next idea for a room theme, review our web, or speak directly with a FBD professional for decorating assistance.  Once you decide on the theme, we will provide you several versions, you customize from there.  Once you select the final version, we will manufacture your custom wall graphics, and install at a date that is convenient for you!

Q   How frequently do I change out my FBD Wall Graphics in my home?
As frequent as you like!  As your children grow, as you redecorate, just tell us your thoughts and we work with you to turn them into a total room design.

Q  How much will cost?
Your FBD Wall Graphics are completely custom and therefore difficult to estimate without seeing your exact layouts. 

Where do I get my design ideas?
You can provide your ideas to the FBD designers, you can use design within the FBD Photo Gallery, or you can work with a FBD Professionals to develop a completely original idea.

Can I choose the colors?
Yes!  FBD Wall Graphics are totally custom, you choose all the colors used.

Q  Can I choose the size of the graphics?
Of Course! FBD Wall Graphics are totally custom, you choose all the size of the wall graphics.

Can I customize what is already located in the FBD photo gallery?
Absolutely! FBD Wall Graphics are totally custom.

I want to use personal pictures of my family, can FBD provide a photographer?
Yes!  Your FBD sales and decorating professional will work with you to schedule either a FBD staff, or partner photographer to take the necessary pictures.

Can I use pictures that I have taken of my family for my FBD Wall Graphics?
It will depend on the settings of your camera at the time the pictures were taken.  Our sale and decorating professionals will work with you, picture by picture, to determine which photos will work best!